Math Cultural Center of Chicago

Serving: Chicago, Illinois (US)
Math is not just a set of tools and techniques. It has a fascinating history made of incredible anecdotes and inspiring stories. It has strong connections to the world and there are many channels to appreciate math: by doing, thinking, listening, observing, feeling, creating - and not just by calculating.

Association for Women in Mathematics

Serving: throughout US
The Association for Women in Mathematics knows it is important to have a presence at math and STEM fairs
  1. to celebrate mathematics, and
  2. to serve as role models for women doing math.
AWM wants to help change the dialogue around what it means to be a mathematician, so as women in math, it matters that as an organization the AWM  is visible to young women and men, to let them know that math is for everyone.

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

Serving: primarily bay area in California; some throughout US
MSRI's public programs aim to make mathematics accessible and exciting to those outside the field, showcasing the beauty and importance of math to people of all ages and backgrounds. MSRI does this through initiatives ranging from production of films for public television and internet viewers to nationwide festivals, annual awards, and Bay Area community programming.

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Serving: primarily throughout United States, some international
Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival supports locally organized events that inspire K–12 students to think critically and to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through collaborative, creative problem-solving. JRMF's Festivals engage many types of students, including those who don’t enjoy competition or working under time pressure. A Festival is also a community event, bringing together institutions and organizations as their constituents celebrate mathematics.