studioinfinity.org (S) is a virtual space for exploring the ideas underlying the structures we see around us — structures we make, structures we build to live and work in, and structures nature has created. Along the way, S will be filled with opportunities to go deeper into those structures and ideas. There will be lots of projects you can do yourself, activities you can try (often with surprising outcomes), and things and places you can see for yourself.

Many of the ideas we’ll encounter have mathematical underpinnings, and S will help you explore those connections, too. There’s a separate “MathStream” of articles that go into such details, revealing depth that sometimes seems to approach infinity. Those articles are linked from the primary “MakeStream” of hands-on activities, so you can find and explore them if you’re curious. But you can also just enjoy the unusual and entrancing creations that you’ll find in the MakeStream, for their own sake.

Together with its sister site mathwalks.org, studioinfinity.org aims to help see the world through a mathematical lens. Welcome to S, and we hope you enjoy what you see and do!

S wishes to express its gratitude to the Seattle Universal Math Museum, which serves as fiscal sponsor for many of its programs.