Welcome to the Studio Infinity archive of math outreach programs.

Note: there is a similar archive with some overlap at WikiMathCom — you should check that out as well. Studio Infinity and Imaginary will discuss the possibilities for merging the archives.

In the meantime, we hope this page can help tighten the ties among members of the outreach community, and make other interested parties aware of what programs are out there. It would be wonderful if it could even foster communication and collaboration among different programs, and encourage new individuals and groups get involved with math outreach.

This site is a work in progress! We know that we don’t, and probably never will, include every program that’s out there. But we’d love to make it better, and we’d love to include your program if it’s missing, so please send us an email with the information you’d like to list about your program if you don’t see it here.

Simply because of Studio Infinity’s location, this list focuses on United States programs, but we are happy to include programs from and serving other countries as well. This list does not include in-school or curriculum-based programs or math contests; it comprises informal, direct-to-public outreach efforts.

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