The Edges of Life
TCNJ Math League     2023 July 27

Glen Whitney


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What is that?
Conway’s Game of Life

Credit: Takayuki Hirose & Tetsuo Sawaragi
Conway’s Game of Life

How is that Life?
One dimensional cellular automata

Credit: Cormullion
See it all at once

Credit: Stephen Wolfram, LLC
So that’s how
Change of emphasis
Change of perspective
Natural neighborhood

Two flavors

Simplest weights
Simplest rule

Simplest rule

“Life on the Edge”   Franklin T. Adams-Watters 2007
Only ever published via email (!)

Credit: R. A. Nonenmacher
Fates up to tristicks

Fates up to tetrasticks

Let’s build something!

Example diagram

The big generation

The final generation

Thank you!

Glen Whitney

Fill in the blank

Edges Faces Vertices
Snub dodecahedron
Cellular automata (today)  ????