23 Mar

Summer 2021 PCMI Illustrating Math

This post is to announce a week-long summer workshop on Illustrating Mathematics at the Park City Mathematics Institute, this upcoming July 19-23. It’s an exciting week with lots of interesting programming planned including several different hands-on, how-to tutorials, keynotes by Vernelle Noel, Ingrid Daubechies, and Daniel Piker, and mathematical “show-and-ask” sessions in which a wide array of mathematicians will be displaying some of the intriguing and beautiful images and objects they’ve created, as well as highlighting the questions these projects have raised. (I’ll be leading one minicourse on using CAD/CAM software like LibreCAD or FreeCAD in creating mathematical models.)

Although the application period is now closed, there may be opportunities for wider participation in some of the week’s events, and if so I will make sure to post them here.

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